SITAM Cutting and making-up COURSE

The SITAM method allows you to create precise paper patterns in no-time fitted to your own measurements. The purpose of the method is to allow anyone who wants to enter the world of fashion design to draw high quality precise paper patterns using the patented template.

We offer courses in Slovenian or Italian language./ Offriamo i corsi di cucito in lingua slovena o italiana.


The Sitam method, born in Italy in 1946 and recognized by the European Designers' Association, allows a shortcut in designing paper patterns in a few minutes and with an incredible level of precision, even using personal measurements, without the need for complicated calculations. The process for drawing a pattern is very short.

The method is based on a template in which all the results of the formula calculations are already incorporated, and the pattern itself is carried out with the help of marking the points of the appropriate size.

Because basic patterns are so precise, the pattern development process is greatly reduced, requires fewer repairs, and saves a tremendous amount of time.

The method allows you to make tailor-made patterns from the size of one year up to size 58.

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